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Elevate your nail game with our stunning Aurelia press-on nail set, meticulously crafted using the dry brush technique. Each nail boasts a mesmerizing fusion of Coral red, Saffron yellow, and Burnt orange, beautifully layered over a nude base (you choose your preferred shade when ordering).


What sets Aurelia apart is the touch of luxury—every nail is adorned with delicate gold leafing. For an extra dash of opulence, we've applied a little extra gold to the thumbs and middle fingers, ensuring your nails sparkle and shine.


Shown here in the XS Squoval shape,  you can choose between a High Gloss finish for a glamorous sheen or a chic Matte finish for a more subtle look. With Aurelia, you're not just wearing press-on nails; you're showcasing a work of art on your fingertips. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with every gesture.


Order your Aurelia set today and let your nails be your canvas of creativity and elegance!


All of my custom made press-ons are handmade by me and I only use Vegan & Cruelty Free Professional Grade materials including Apres Gel-X tips, INK London & Light Elegance gels, ensuring you get a fresh mani in minutes, at home, thats reusable and long lasting! Win win! 


Need your order in a hurry? No Problem! 

Simply add FAST TRACK MY ORDER to have your Falsies created and dispatched within 24hrs! 

Aurelia | Layered Red, Saffron & Burnt Orange Finished with Gold Leafing

PriceFrom £44.99

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